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Florent Tanet - 2013

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Mon, 21st of July
Anonymous asked: how do you get inspiration? do you like a specific site? or?

I find it so hard to get any lately! I don’t like any specific site tho, but mainly any which posts minimal or geometrical things are my fav.

For examply some fashion sites like Marc Jacobs; some instagram accounts like defqt’s; and webs like these ones too.

Lately I found out that going to a book or music shop to look at the covers of the stuff there can be helpful too.

Mon, 21st of July
Anonymous asked: 20!

As of advice, I’m not really good at this talk but I answered this here some time ago. As of now I’d add, don’t be scared to ask anything you want to know and to talk and read about graphics’ stuff; it may lead you to know a bunch of things and help you decide your own style sooner than expected (also it might make you feel like you are such a pro it’s amazing). And, when making a graphic,imo, it could be good to make a variety of it even if it’s a single texture change or some colour change, it’s always good to keep more than one option. Your eyes today won’t look at things the same way they did yesterday or will do the following day.

Have fun, get frustrated, take your time and enjoy!

Mon, 21st of July
Anonymous asked: 5, 8, 13, 20.

5. Link your first ever graphic:

here, pretty sure it’s not my first but almost

8. List 5 graphic makers you enjoy seeing graphics from:

riseung ; choiseunghyunn .. boromirs; apotheosi ; velificantes

13. What have you learnt since the beginning of your graphic making?:

I would say I’ve learnt that, when you think you are good enough, it’s not that way, there’s always something to learn and there’s always something to improve as well; you gotta love your work however because what’s the point other way; also, there are lots of tools and a billion of breathtakingly beautiful stuff around and i’ve learnt that I shall learn how to look at them in different ways

20. Advice you would give to beginner graphic makers: (in the next)

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Olympus Trip 35 - Kodak Portra 400

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